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For data-driven power

Our customers need to know always more about the conditions of their assets and therefore they are becoming more and more data-driven. Our mission is to gather data and to classify them in a way that they can be analysed by automated diagnostics systems.

PRY-CAM is a breakthrough technology that allows online, accurate and reliable measurements of key parameters, diagnosis and defect localization from remote. The data that we can gather are manifold: conditions of use, malfunctioning, overheating. All in real time and with no specific expertise.

Thanks to a whole private cloud-based system built around our technologies, today we have a database that hosts more than six million measurements that had never been classified and stored before, but Prysmian did it. Prysmian aims also at increasingly integrating electronics within cables rather than outside, as it was in the past, and at having a growing number of accessories, components and devices integrated within cable systems.

Protecting your most valuable assets

The worlds of monitoring, condition assessment and asset management of electrical systems are undergoing a revolution that can help prevent failures and interruptions, increasing uptime and safety, enhancing assets’ longevity and significantly reducing maintenance costs and risks.


One solution, many functions.


Did you know that more than 80% of domestic fires are caused by electrical installation faults?

PRY-CAM HOME is easy to install and simple to use, and allows electricians and homeowners to monitor electrical safety in the home directly from their phone.

PRY-CAM HOME helps prevent faults from electrical appliances, overloads and black-outs and enables the monitoring of energy consumption – guiding homeowners towards better energy awareness.


PRY-CAM whitepaper

Discover a revolution in monitoring, condition assessment and asset management of electrical systems.