HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current)

Smarter, greener power grids require smarter, greener power. Prysmian Group has years of experience in delivery high voltage solutions, helping major utilities transmit and distribute power more sustainably and more effectively to their customers. Keeping the pace with fast growing Dutch renewable energy market, we are supporting our clients in every step, relying on our centers of excellence and solid capacity to innovate and customize our solutions.

Connecting energy and information to drive growth

Dedicated to comprehending our clients' requirements, Prysmian provides tailored solutions across all facets. From inception to completion and beyond, we excel as cable experts in the industry, extending our proficiency beyond cables. Our commitment involves offering intelligent engineering throughout the entire process for our clients. Whether it's in the realms of research and design, creation and testing, or installation and post-deployment, every phase is meticulously addressed. With numerous years of experience, we can meet any power system specifications, catering to your precise needs, regardless of scale.

Our commitment to energy transition

To guarantee that the net-zero emissions targets imposed by governments and companies around the worlds are met, it is crucial that power grids are sufficiently integrated, widespread, efficient and smart.

The transition towards renewable energy cannot be achieved without the ability to transmit and dispatch power from sites where clean energy is produced, like wind and solar farms, to the faraway cities and production sites where it is needed. Our cable solutions are accelerating the energy transition, while also creating business value, by supporting the development of greener and smarter power grids with innovative cable technologies to cover longer distances and ensuring higher performances and reliability.

Providing customized cables solutions

Prysmian supports large Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and public utilities develop energy transmission cable systems through a solid and efficient approach to project management. Customized designs are made translating costumer needs to perfectly match individual customer needs with competitive and reliable solutions for underground systems, however demanding the environment.

Prysmian is more than the world’s leading and largest cable supplier. The tailor-made cable solutions offer the manufacturing of complex HV cables but also include the installation of cable systems underground, provide network components, value-added engineering and monitoring and maintenance systems and services.

Delft Factory: centralized knowledge and expertise

Prysmian employs a Delft-based organization of engineering and operations personnel dedicated to providing turnkey high-voltage underground project services from cable and accessory installation and termination services to onsite testing, asset monitoring and support. In just one location our customers are able to access a full range of services:

  • R&D and Innovation: our R&D lab in involved in testing new cable designs and accessories aligned with costumers requirements;
  • Engineering Studies: our Engineering department focuses on the technical integrity ​of the system solution, considering customer requirements;
  • Cable manufacturing: production HV and EHV cable in a range of 50kV to 420kV;
  • Installation: our dedicated team of certified installers specialize in HV/EHV cable installation, resulting in unparalleled experience and competence to complete the most challenging activities;
  • Network Components: tailor-made accessories are produced that fit into the costumer cable system.

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