The right cable for every application

To fulfill that mission, Draka has several types of charging cables;


EVC (Electrical Vehicle Charging) cables: the flexible cables from the charging station to the vehicle. This cable is vehicle bound. 

EVCS (Electrical Vehicle Charging Station) cables: these are cables from distribution stations to the charging stations, for power and communication to the charging stations. The EVCS are unique because power supply and communication are combined in one cable, making installation faster and easier.


Electric transport is sustainable and rapidly developing. The Netherlands and Northern Europe are leaders in the field of electric transport. In order to be able to charge easily, a good charging infrastructure is needed. A good charging infrastructure means installing charging stations along motorways, in (residential) areas, at companies, hotels and shopping centres. The growing demand for charging stations means that the charging infrastructure needs to be designed in a smart and efficient way. Draka has innovative solutions, specifically for the rapidly growing electrical vehicle charging (EVC) market

DRAKA Prycharge EVC 5G HEX


Combination cable for power and communication from charging stations to electric cars.
EVCS Hybrid 2xQuad HEX


Combination cable for power and communication to electric vehicle charging stations.  


Prycharge Brochure

Cable solutions for industrial applications. Draka has that too!

For industrial applications, cable reliability is essential. With Draka you know that you always use top quality cables. The cables have not only been developed for the specific area of application, but also for installing the cables as efficiently as possible. The characteristics of the different cables closely match the needs in the market.

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