Deployment of new e-truck next step in emission-free logistics Prysmian Group

As a global leader in the cable industry, Prysmian Group takes its responsibility in the field of sustainability. This also includes a pioneering role in emission-free transport. With the deployment of an E-truck that will supply a number of customers on a daily basis from the cable factory in Emmen, the next step has been taken. As Supply Chain Director of Prysmian Group, Dennis Schuten is a key driver in the transition to electric freight transport. He explains the use of the E-truck.

30/01/2024 - 03:40 PM

As Prysmian Group, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve the SBTi goal of zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this, road transport must also be completely emission-free by 2050. Prysmian Group Netherlands has a number of pilots and projects underway to actually achieve this goal. Dennis: "As a world leader in cable solutions, we want to be at the forefront of these kinds of developments. As Prysmian Group Netherlands, we have therefore said that we want to achieve zero CO2 emissions from our transport as soon as possible."
The new E-truck has already been supplying a large number of customers since January 2024 and is an essential step towards the ambition of completely emission-free transport. Dennis: "The E-Truck is deployed from the factory in Emmen. We will supply a number of customers to whom we supply materials every day with this electric transport. This results in a reduction of 45,000 KG of CO2 emissions."

The right logistics partner

Prysmian Group Nederland has entered into a partnership with Oegema Transport in this process. Dennis: "About two years ago, we started implementing the emission-free ambition. We researched the market for opportunities. Which providers are there that offer emission-free transport? We were open to any form of transport that is truly emission-free. We asked several logistics companies about their strategy and zero-emission ambitions. You are really going to work together, it will be a partnership. It turned out that Oegema Transport from Dedemsvaart has the same ambitions as we do. We sat down to see what we could achieve together. Among other things, the use of the E-truck has emerged from this."

Increasingly green logistics

The focus on sustainability and CO2 emissions is in Prysmian Group's DNA. This is evident from the increasingly sustainable cable solutions, the focus on sustainable design of cable systems and therefore also the various elements of logistics services. Dennis: "For example, the forklifts in our factories are almost all electric, that step has already been taken in the past. More recently, we have also looked at how we can electrify distribution closer to the factory with Oegema Transport. Customers with postal codes around Emmen and Dedemsvaart are now served by smaller electric trucks. We are trying to make our logistics greener and greener. Henk Jan Holtrop and Bas van den Berg in particular play a major role in Logistics, where Paul Bast and Huseyin Gulenc play a major role in the Purchasing department.
When it comes to making logistics more sustainable, the views and plans of young people are not avoided either. Dennis: "In 2024, students from Delft University of Technology will advise and support us in developing a strategy for the decarbonisation of our supply chain. In this way, we continue to develop and learn as an organization with the help of the new generation."

Future development of emission-free transport

In the future, Prysmian Group's emission-free transport will of course develop even further. Dennis: "Of course, what exactly this will look like depends on many aspects. I expect that major steps will be taken in terms of electric freight transport, for example in the field of range. That does not alter the fact that hydrogen-powered trucks can also play a role. In addition, we are looking at the possibilities of the train, for example for deliveries abroad."

Joint investment in reducing CO2 emissions

In any case, with the use of the E-truck, another good step has been taken. Dennis: "It is still a relatively expensive way of distribution for us. We still want to take this step. We learn a lot, for example about planning electric transport. By investing now, together with our logistics partners, we will be completely ready for the future sooner."
The road to fully emission-free transport is still long, and Prysmian Group cannot do it alone. Dennis: "We really need to tackle this as a chain and invest together. Manufacturers, logistics partners but also customers must take responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions. So much is possible, actually by just doing it and experiencing it. Two years ago, we didn't know much about the possibilities of electric transport. If you look at where we are now and have already achieved, it's really incredible to see."

The attention it deserves

Toine Verschuur (Commercial Director Energy & Telecom at Prysmian Group) is also very satisfied with the new sustainable milestone in the field of logistics: "Reducing CO2 is one of the biggest challenges worldwide and as Prysmian Group we take our responsibility in this. No facet of the organization is left out when it comes to CO2 reduction. So emission-free transport is also getting the attention it deserves."