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Draka and WorldSkills Netherlands Put Electrical Engineering in the Spotlight

Draka is proud to announce that the sponsorship contract of the electrical engineering competitions of WorldSkills Netherlands will be extended. After years of successful collaboration, both parties are at the beginning of a new chapter with shared goals and a shared vision on advancing the profession of electrical engineering.

18/12/2023 - 09:25 AM

Common Goal: Electrical Engineering in the Spotlight

The primary aim of Draka and WorldSkills Netherlands remains unchanged: to put the subject of electrical engineering in the spotlight and to inspire young people to opt for vocational education and craftsmanship. This collaborative effort includes involvement with Skills Talents, where Draka offers VMBO students the opportunity to demonstrate their electrical engineering skills, culminating in the national finals during Skills The Finals.

Highlights of the Collaboration

One of the highlights of the collaboration is Draka's active participation during Skills The Finals. Here, many young people are reached and made enthusiastic about the field of electrical engineering by, among other things, giving live demonstrations, showing in a practical way how, for example, a cable connection is made with a Barnicol. As a market leader in cable manufacturing, Draka feels a responsibility to invest in the new generation and increase awareness of the electrical engineering field.

Commitment Goes Beyond Financial Support

Draka's involvement with WorldSkills Netherlands goes beyond financial support. In addition to financial contributions, Draka also provides material support and facilitates the connection between manufacturers of necessary materials and WorldSkills. Remarkably, Draka is not the only participant; Numerous installation companies contribute to this organization by offering their employees the opportunity to participate. Draka is proud to contribute to the growth of the electrical engineering sector together with them.

Knowledge Sharing as an Essential Aspect

Another essential aspect of the partnership is knowledge sharing. Draka organizes masterclasses for finalists of Skills The Finals electrical engineering, in which the knowledge gained is made available to broader vocational education. This initiative contributes to the professionalization of the sector and promotes the exchange of expertise within the electrotechnical community.

Prospects for the Future

It is with excitement that Draka looks forward to continuing the partnership with WorldSkills Netherlands. Together, they are committed to a future in which electrical engineering is central, young people are driven and craftsmanship is of paramount importance. Through joint efforts and dedication, they hope to help the electrical engineering sector flourish and inspire young talents to excel in this exciting field.