The Honderland business park in Maasdijk has a new logistics partner.

12/06/2023 - 12:00 AM

The Honderland business park in Maasdijk has a new logistics partner. H.Z. opens on a plot of 4 hectares. Logistics at the end of May a new headquarters with a cross-dock center of approximately 12,000 m2 with 32 docks and cooling facilities, an office with driver accommodation and a state-of-the-art garage with a double car wash. The mega complex's e-installation is in the trusted hands of another Westland company: Elektravon.

From a stone's throw from the A20, which connects the garden greenhouse mecca of the Netherlands with Port of Rotterdam and the hinterland, H.Z. Logistics now oversee its branches and customers across Europe. Here the company, which is still in the nearby village of De Lier, can at least continue to grow. “ On the largest plot that was still available ”, Jimmy Uffelen says proudly. The project leader of the Elektravon family business, which also has a branch in neighboring Naaldwijk and is part of De Groot Installatiegroep, thinks the utility project is a nice reference.



Local cooperation
After a tender, Elektravon was commissioned by Triple Group to engineer and install the entire e-installation of the new construction complex. The construction consultancy company, also local colleague of Elektravon, previously worked with H.Z. Logistics drew up an Eisen Program and expressed a preference for local construction partners. According to Van Uffelen, only a limited number of installers in the Westland can handle such a large project. “ In addition, the first conversations with Triple Group and the Zuiderwijk family immediately felt good ”, Mike van Eeghem, director of Elektravon, adds. “ We have all services in-house, including a service department of 25 people for maintenance ”. Thus, Elektravon, known for its high-quality technical knowledge, practical solutions and good cooperation and accessibility, became the total installer here.

Future-oriented installation

Elektravon designed the entire e-installation including access security and data network and also made provisions for the future expansion of the number of workplaces, for optimal climate management in the expedition hall ( 15 oC continuous ) and for the PV panels on the roofs. The complex consists of two buildings, the main building with office, storage and expedition, respectively, and the outbuilding with garage and laundry. Both buildings received a 1600A connection.




Bridge distances

The main challenge for Elektravon was in the main building. “ The installation is not exciting, but very large. For the 200-meter long expedition hall, considerable lengths have to be bridged. So in your design you have to distribute the powers of the main distribution box to the 8 subdivision boxes well ”, says Van Uffelen. That is why the installer chose rail sleeves instead of cable trays.

“ These are practical and compact, but also cost effective because less cable is required. ”



Draka as a home supplier

Despite the use of rail tubes, the complex is full of Draka cable, mainly Vultflex XS Dca in various squares, from 1.5 mm2 to 95 mm2. The design has often changed during construction. According to the project leader, this often happens when a client moves into the building himself: “ In drawing, a client cannot always see what he is getting; this later yields new insights. ”

Van Uffelen knows that such changes are no problem for Draka, and wholesale Technical Union. He has known Draka for years, even if it is not a local.

“ We do almost everything with Draka, it is our home supplier. Their quality is fine and stable; we never have complaints. ”

And the result? “A practical and reliable installation for H.Z. Logistics”, he states with a natural level-headedness. Logical if you let professionals work together.