The Dutch electricity grid has reached its maximum capacity in many places. Especially in regions with many data centers, such as the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. TenneT is therefore expanding the high-voltage grid here with a new high-speed train station: Rozenburg-Zuid. Prysmian Group was commissioned to connect the 150 kV GIS transformer substation to the national HS network. The extra grid capacity will relieve the region.

20/12/2023 - 03:19 PM

As the world's largest cable manufacturer, Prysmian Group has all the expertise in-house to realize future-oriented high-voltage systems. It is a regular partner of TenneT and other grid operators in the design and implementation of both temporary and permanent high-speed systems. Prysmian Group recently won TenneT TSO's tender for the Raasdorp/Rozenburg-Zuid project. "Following the recent award of the new TenneT Frame Agreement, this is another important milestone for us," said Edwin Poot, Bid & Contract Manager of Prysmian Group.


Cable partner from A to Z

Prysmian Group is a total partner in the project. First, it provides the system design, including technical advice on the parameters and design verification. In addition, Prysmian Group produces and supplies the cables and fittings. Is also responsible for the project management, the supervision of the installation of the cables by a civil contractor, the assembly of the cables, the interim electrical testing as well as commissioning and the acceptance test.

Four HV cable circuits

The high-voltage line between Vijfhuizen and Nieuwe Meer will be branched off and expanded with a new substation: Rozenburg-Zuid. To cover the regional energy demand, four parallel cable systems are planned between the Raasdorp junction and Rozenburg-Zuid. Each of these cable systems consists of three plastic 150kV cables with a 3,500mm2 aluminium conductor. The middle cable of each circuit is equipped with integrated glass fibres, so that TenneT can take continuous temperature measurements over the entire route and in operation. This allows the grid operator to determine any changes in temperature in good time, for example as a result of the soil conditions (or changes therein) or excessive load. Diagnostic measurements can also be taken via the fiber optic to determine the condition of the cables or to optimize the utilization of the cables.

Cables & Accessories

Prysmian Group has a lot of experience in the production of high-voltage cables and fittings. The majority of them come directly from the factory in Delft. To limit on-site work and shorten lead times, Prysmian Group uses Click-Fit® fittings. Click-Fit® is a unique, uniform and reliable plug-in system of high-voltage fittings that makes installation quick and easy. The cable is clicked into the fitting and thus locked, which ensures a robust solution For example, Click-Fit cross-bonding cable joints and Click-Fit®® end closures are used.

Gas Insulated Switchgear

Rozenburg-Zuid is a so-called GIS station (Gas Insulated Switchgear). The high-voltage fields are therefore not placed in the open air, but in a building. Such a GIS installation takes up less space and fits better into the environment. For the connections in the transformer substation, Prysmian Group uses special GIS end closures.

Future expansion

TenneT is also preparing the next expansion of the high-voltage grid in the region, including a new high-speed train substation: A4-Zone. The future expansion, a few kilometres away, is part of the same contract with Prysmian Group. For both expansions combined, Prysmian Group will supply approximately 204 km of cable. The collaboration with TenneT proves that Prysmian Group can offer high-quality, sizeable solutions to facilitate the energy supply in a future-proof way.