New colors VD E-LINE

The need for environmentally friendly construction and installation products continues to rise. More and more builders and installers are discovering the 'green' E-LINE range of more sustainable cable solutions from Draka.

After the introduction of VD E-LINE at the end of 2022, the more sustainable installation wire is now also available in new, different colors: orange, red, black/white, white and gray.

These colors are included in the same discount group (INS01/INS02). If you require an EPD from VD E-LINE, Draka can also provide this on request.


Reduce your CO2 footprint by 32%

The fact that Draka starts making its portfolio more sustainable with a frequently used cable proves how ambitious it is. The VD wire is the first to get a more sustainable brother. VD E-LINE is characterized by 100% recycled copper, insulation with biobased ingredients, a recyclable Octabox made from recycled material and 75% less plastic wrapping film for pallets. These environmental measures ensure a reduction in the CO2 footprint by 32%. 

Draka E-LINE Downloads

Draka VD E-LINE selection card


PROFIT + E-LINE Selectiekaart


BARNICOL + E-LINE Selectiekaart


VD E-LINE Eca bk# 1,5 mm2

VD E-LINE Eca bu# 2,5 mm2

VD E-LINE Eca bn# 2,5 mm2

VD E-LINE Eca ye/gn# 2,5 mm2

BARNICOL E-LINE giethars# typeA 180ml

BARNICOL E-LINE giethars# type2A 286ml

BARNICOL E-LINE giethars# typeB 370ml

BARNICOL E-LINE giethars# typeC 750ml

BARNICOL E-LINE giethars# typeD 1300ml

BARNICOL E-LINE giethars# typeE 2150ml

BARNICOL E-LINE gietmof# A150 180ml

BARNICOL E-LINE gietmof# A210 370ml

BARNICOL E-LINE gietmof# A280 750ml

BARNICOL E-LINE gietmof# A310 1300ml

BARNICOL E-LINE gietmof# A370 2150ml

BARNICOL E-LINE gietmof# A470 4300ml

PROFIT E-LINE 16 gy VD Eca 3G2,5 mm²

PROFIT E-LINE 16 gy VD Eca 3G2,5+1,5 mm²


First major housing project will receive more sustainable cable from Draka

Newly built homes must become more sustainable. In addition to ambition and innovative solutions, this also requires close cooperation between construction partners. In the Grasbuurt 2 project, BAM Wonen, Schipper Electrotechniek, Draka and Rexel work together in a unique way to concretise their sustainability ambitions. 


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Installation of Draka VD E-LINE

The Grasbuurt residential area in Delft has been the first project with the first large-scale application (60 km) of the new, more sustainable Draka VD E-LINE.


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EcoCable Label

It is currently difficult for installers and specifiers to determine how sustainable a cable product is. There are no specific, certified eco-labels for the cable industry. This slows down the sustainability and CO2 reduction of electrical installations. To meet the growing demand for proof of environmentally friendly products, parent company Prysmian Group has become the first cable manufacturer to develop its own EcoCable label for cabling.


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