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Information and communication sit at the heart of global development. And Prysmian Telecom solutions sit at the heart of many of the planet’s main infrastructures.


The world is in the midst of a data explosion. Across the globe, people are sharing, purchasing, downloading, streaming, connecting and communicating in the digital sphere. Living and working digitally is the new normal. And for network operators, this means managing an exponential increase in bandwidth to meet the world’s rising demand. At Prysmian Group, our Telecom business unit is building modern day networks that provide robust physical infrastructure, trusted IT security and long-term reliability.


CPR & NEN 8012

The basis of the fire classification are agreements that have been made about the test methods. As a result, every product family of every cable manufacturer is tested for fire behavior in the same way. In addition, the test results are validated by a notified body specified in the product declaration of performance (DoP).


  • Fire tests for every product family
  • According to new defined CPR test methods
  • Notified body validation in DoP
  • Results lead to classification in a fire class


Fire propagation, heat release, smoke development, falling burning particles and corrosiveness/acidity influence the fire classification. The difference in smoke development between the halogen-containing (PVC) installation cable on the right and the halogen-free cable on the left has a lot of influence on the CPR fire classification. Go to cable products  to view the new product families per fire class.


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