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With the growing demand for green and renewable energy, wind farm developers are constantly looking for innovative and reliable solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity.

And that's what we provide.

We offer a full package of inter-array cables and an extensive portfolio of delivery and installation services. We carry out fully project-managed turnkey projects with a complete EPCI approach and offer our customers unparalleled service with efficient and cost-optimized solutions.

We are at the forefront of technological development. First, we launched a 66 kV inter-array cable system in GB as part of a Carbon Trust program. The system fully met the requirements of the developers of offshore wind farms and enabled savings of up to 15% in investments for their projects.

In other areas, we have developed and built specific systems for use with non-anchored wind turbines in deeper waters. Our rigorously tested dynamic cables offer extra high resistance to mechanical fatigue throughout the expected life of a system and have revolutionized the development of wind farms.

In short, we already provide customers with the means today to be sure of a sustainable and reliable renewable energy supply in the future.

The Prysmian advantage

Prysmian provides turnkey inter-array cable systems and delivers projects with a comprehensive EPCI approach

We offer complete cable system solutions and services for our customers' projects. To this end, we combine our innovative approaches and extensive engineering resources with our state-of-the-art production facilities and our large fleet of installation vessels and excavators. Under our own dedicated project management, we can thus realize cost- and technically efficient cable connections within offshore wind farms.

Lean engineering for greater cost efficiency

We are currently investing heavily in leaner engineering processes. By developing in this, we can deliver even better innovative products, tools and methodologies that cover all the needs of our customers.

Independent studies have shown that inter-array cables at higher voltages, such as our 66 kV inter-array cable systems, offer significant advantages. In particular, they offer increased cost-effectiveness by significantly reducing investments for such wind farms compared to the currently more widely used 33 kV systems.


  • At this higher voltage, twice as much current can be transported over a single-array cable. This reduces the length of the required cable and therefore the cable and installation costs.
  • Because fewer cables enter the relevant offshore substation, the number of J-tubes, transformers and switches can also be reduced. The same applies to the space that these components would otherwise occupy.
  • More unit power is supplied to reduce the number of turbines and associated array cables.
  • Our 66 kV inter-array cable systems are approved by the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme.


Prysmian in action

  • So far more than 800 km of inter-array cables delivered.
  • So far more than 500 km of inter-array cables installed.