Mid Voltage Cables


Prysmian supplies energy cables for use with a voltage from 1 kV. The insulation can vary from paper to EPR, PVC, XLPE and HPTE. The core can consist of a fixed or braided copper wire or aluminum, both single- and three-core. Cables with and without sheath.

Prysmian Group manufactures a comprehensive range of MS cables for use in utility applications.

Prysmian Group's solutions help network operators, utilities, installers, industry and energy companies transport and distribute energy.

Within the factory in Delft, which is also the head office of Prysmian Group Benelux, low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage cables are manufactured. Prysmian Group distinguishes itself not only by the local production of the extensive portfolio in medium voltage cables but also with local support for engineering, project management & installation, after sales, diagnostics and training. As a result, Prysmian Group is perfectly able to be flexible and, where necessary, assist in a variety of (turn-key) projects. This unique aspect ensures that the customer is always at the center of the Prysmian Group organization, this can be seen in the solid long-term relationships that Prysmian Group has built with its customers.

Prysmian Group's medium voltage cables have been developed for use with voltages between 1 and 30kV. The medium voltage cables are available in a wide variety of insulation material namely:

  • Paper
  • EPR
  • PVC
  • XLPE
  • HPTE.

The conductors of these cables can be produced from both Copper and Aluminum, using a fixed or braided conductor in single or three-wire cable configurations. Depending on the demand, the different types of cables can be supplied with or without arming.

In addition, Prysmian Group is the only manufacturer in the world to produce the P-Laser cable. P-laser is manufactured with thermoplastic materials and is extremely environmentally friendly. For example, 500 kilograms of high-quality plastic can be recovered from every kilometer of P-laser cable. In addition, the innovative zero-gas technology is used for the P-laser production process. This technology reduces CO2 emissions to 1 tonne per kilometre of cable. In this way, P-Laser provides the sustainable supply for the energy needs of the future.

Due to the specialization of medium voltage cable system, Prysmian Group also has an extensive range of medium voltage fittings in its portfolio. For example, we manufacture an extensive range of medium voltage cable sockets, plugs and end connections for both indoor and outdoor use, so the garnishes are fully protected by a watertight seal.