Smart Grid

At Prysmian, we know that the architecture of smart grids plays a key role. Advanced, high-performance cables and network components not only increase the reliability and efficiency of networks, but can also prevent power failures and reduce overall maintenance costs.

With the right solutions, you can also make more optimal use of your network and you can respond to the maximum in the longer term in your management.

Prysmian cables are produced with environmental sustainability in mind. The materials used are fully recyclable. With the cables, customers can achieve a low CO2 footprint.

We understand that smart grids come with challenges. We therefore leave conventional cabling for what it is and offer our customers – mainly network owners and operators – (part and total) solutions and services that meet the changing requirements of today and tomorrow. Sustainable energy, energy efficiency, reduction of the ecological footprint and maximum network efficiency are the key words.

With our arsenal of innovative and advanced solutions, we show the market the way from today to tomorrow. And our solutions are always exactly tailored to your needs in your situation.

Prysmian Group has developed a complete range of intelligent systems. These smarter people monitor whether a network is properly performing its core function – namely the transport and distribution of energy. The state-of-the-art solutions can be seamlessly integrated into both new and existing networks. For example: PRY-CAM An integrated, portable instrument for the automatic detection, processing and classification of pulse signals generated by partial discharge (PD). This phenomenon occurs in the insulation materials of medium and high voltage systems and components, such as transformers, electrical equipment, cables, GIS, etc. The system enables accurate diagnostic measurements and continuous monitoring.

Information about the condition and reliability of network components is vital for the right asset management strategy. The advanced system for tracking network components developed by us guarantees significant savings on maintenance costs. For example: PRY-Smart ADENE This solution is based on labels with product data on an RFID chip and on a Bidi code. Application of this smart label to network components makes it possible to keep an accurate history of the assets, for both new and old components.

It is crucial to have a grip on the ecological footprint of network components, both in the production phase and during their operational application in the network. Environmental protection and protection of land, sea and air are a spearhead in our business objectives. Prysmian develops and manufactures products that fully comply with international industry standards. Maximum environmental friendliness, reduction of harmful substances, reduction of pollution and improvement of recyclability – these points of attention speak for themselves for us. For example: P-Laser The first sustainable medium voltage cable for electricity networks. The ideal solution to increase the reliability of the network – with many additional benefits for the operational company and in environmental terms. The P-Laser technology platform facilitates the production of a thermoplastic cable that is 100% environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Smart grid services

In addition to our solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of smart grid services that ensure that assets perform optimally.

For example, we provide the following three PFT services for the maintenance of modern oil pressure cables:

  • Injection of PTF tracers;
  • Detection of PTF: with the help of an advanced mobile laboratory, synchronized with a GPS system, the content of perfluorocarbon (PFC) in the atmosphere is detected by locating leaks;
  • Repair of the leak thanks to advanced equipment and know-how.

Oil pressure cable operators benefit from the advanced technology by enabling them to:

  • extend the service life of oil pressure cable systems;
  • facilitate maintenance;
  • reduce the environmental impact caused by cable leaks.

With regard to network design, we can provide additional support on issues such as:

  • Load flow assessment
  • Power flow design optimization
  • Technical evaluation
  • Financial evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Optimal solutions
  • Optimal exploitation

Additional maintenance services

Preventive services

• Post-installation
tests • Periodic checks
• Inspections of auxiliary systems
• Defect-related risk
• Sample tests
• System inventory • Optimal operation • Greater reliability

• Reduction of unplanned downtime


• Reduction of unplanned downtime

Emergency services

• 24/7 availability
• Localization of malfunction or defect • Repair
• Emergency closures

• Spare parts in stock


• Reduction of unplanned downtime