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A deep dive into Prysmian Group’s High Voltage underground cables system and solution. Prysmian Group is the undisputed leader in high voltage land cable systems and solutions that are fundamental parts of power grids across the world.

Our commitment to the energy transition

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy requires an efficient, smart, and robust energy grid to meet the special challenges of managing these discontinuous power sources. Interconnectors are an increasingly important part of power grids, allowing for connections between countries and even continents to ease the flow of affordable and clean energy across long distances.

They are a key part of the energy transition: supporting the implementation of a larger, more integrated, efficient and sustainable power transmission system. Prysmian’s submarine interconnectors are made of new, lighter materials and can go deeper under the sea than ever before.

Our high-voltage underground interconnectors can bring power more efficiently over long distances from where the energy is produced (like offshore wind farms) to where energy is consumed. To accelerate the race to net-zero CO2 emissions, Prysmian plans to invest over 450 million euro by 2022 to further improve the sustainability of its organization and supply chain, and to accelerate the development of advanced cable technologies as well as assets and services.

An Innovation leader

Prysmian is an innovation leader in both high-voltage submarine and underground cable system. Our Research and Development labs have created a submarine cable with new synthetic armour which can be up to 50% lighter than others, enabling Prysmian to perform ultra-deep installations or up to 3,000 meters in marine ecosystems previously considered impossible. For underground power transmission, we have designed new ±525 kV HVDC cable systems, qualified with P-Laser and XLPE insulation, with a higher voltage capacity and with large conductor cross-sections to provide optimal technical solutions for more efficient, reliable and eco-friendly power transmission over long distances.

So we’re now better placed than ever to work in close partnership world-leading network operators as they look to establish the next generation of communications infrastructure. Fundamentally, our customers require products and solutions that offer the lowest possible environmental impact and the highest added value – along with uncompromising safety and reliability. And that’s exactly what we provide.

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